IBMH007G - IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark Basic Configuration and Administration for Linux

The course is designed for the tuition of IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark v2.2.
The course is designed to give system administrators the knowledge required to implement and maintain a working Conductor with Spark environment. They will gain solid understanding of the product's architecture and main features as well as workload resource management, cluster setup, configuration, and administration.
The workshops provide valuable hands-on experience with the installation of Conductor with Spark, cluster configuration and administration. The system administrators will also learn helpful hints and tips and develop fundamental troubleshooting skills.
Learning Journeys or Training Paths that reference this course:
  • IBM Spectrum Computing with Spark
System administrators with basic knowledge of Linux, Spectrum LSF, and Spectrum Symphony, especially EGO.
Introduction to Conductor with Spark
Installation and configuration
Cluster management
Spark workload
Scheduling and sharing
Troubleshooting and debugging
Additional features
GPU scheduling
Conductor with Spark on Docker
Describe the product features and value proposition
List the product basic concepts
Describe the high-level architecture or Conductor with Spark
Explain EGO resource manager
List the product prerequisites
Define the required settings and variables
Perform a step-by-step installation
Provide tools and tips for troubleshoot a failed or incomplete installation
Check how to find setup guides for different installation options
Perform cluster management operations
Manage and monitor Spark applications
Describe REST API integration
Describe how scheduling works in Conductor with Spark
Schedule batch applications by using the GUI
Schedule batch applications by using the CLI
Retrieve useful information (logs)
Debug and troubleshoot Conductor with Spark
Explain the performance achieved by Conductor with Spark under benchmark execution
List additional features of Conductor with Spark and identify the suitable use cases
Use GPUs in Conductor with Spark environments
Explain the GPU workload scheduling mechanisms and GPU shuffle service
Describe how the product integrates with Docker
Use Docker with Conductor with Spark

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  • 14 ore
  • 2 giorni


Basic knowledge of Linux systems administration.
Basic knowledge about HPC solutions.
Previous experience in an EGO-based solution like IBM Spectrum Symphony or IBM Spectrum LSF is highly recommended.

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