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Storage Area Networking Fundamentals


IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of SAN switches, storage, software, services and solutions to reliably bring information to people in a cost effective way. IBM provides flexible, scalable and open standards-based business-class and global enterprise-class storage networking solutions for the on demand world.
This course provides an overview of storage network and data center networking technology. It reviews SAN concepts, Fibre Channel architecture, SAN topologies, IBM b-type offerings, IBM offerings from Cisco, and SAN over Ethernet architectures, such as iSCSI and FCoE.
Learning Journeys or Training Paths that reference this course:

  • IBM Storage Solutions
    This is a base course for individuals who are involved in the planning, installing, configuring, and upgrading of IBM systems.
    Day 1
    Unit 1 - SAN Concepts
    Unit 2 - Fibre Channel
    Unit 3 - SAN design and topology (1 of 2)
    Day 2
    Unit 3 - SAN design and topology (2 of 2) (continued)
    Unit 4 - IBM Fibre Channel b-type switches and directors
    Day 3
    Exercise 0 - Lab setup and preliminary instructions
    Exercise 1 - Switch management overview
    Exercise 2 - Management software installation
    Exercise 3 - Zoning configuration
    Exercise 4 - Configuring the IBM Storwize V3700 storage system
    Exercise 5 - V3700 storage provisioning using iSCSI
    Exercise 6 - Brocade VDX fabric merging
    Unit 5 - Cisco MDS Fibre Channel switches and directors
    Day 4
    Unit 6 - SAN over Ethernet
    Exercise 7 - Basic configuration
    Exercise 8 - Management tools installation
    Exercise 9 - VSAN creation
    Exercise 10 - Zoning configuration on Cisco
    Exercise 11 - Configuring the DS3500 storage subsystem
    After completing this course, you should be able to:
    Classify the components of a SAN infrastructure
    Appraise the Fibre Channel architecture and terms
    Classify the three major components of a SAN
    Differentiate the features of the IBM Storage System b-type switch offerings
    Differentiate the features of the IBM offered Cisco SAN switches and directors
    Evaluate the implementations of iSCSI and FCoE

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  • 28 ore
  • 4 giorni


The following course, or equivalent knowledge, is required prior to this course:
Introduction to Storage (SS01)
For additional course information and roadmaps please visit our training site:

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