IBMSSF0G - IBM DS8000 Implementation Workshop for Open Systems

This course is designed to help you understand, install, and monitor the DS8000 for the Open Systems environment. The exercises enable you to perform a step-by-step implementation.
Learning Journeys or Training Paths that reference this course:
  • IBM Enterprise Storage
This intermediate course is for System administrators and technical personnel who need to install a DS8000 in their environment.
Day 1

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Unit 1: IBM DS family, DS8000 overview
  • Unit 2: Architecture and hardware overview
  • Unit 3: Virtualization concepts
Day 2

  • Unit 4: DS command-line interface (DS CLI)
  • Unit 5: DS8000 Storage Manager GUI
  • Unit 6: Host system attachment
  • Exercise 0: Lab setup and preliminary instructions
  • Exercise 1: DS8000 DS CLI: Installation and configuration
  • Exercise 2: DS8000 DS CLI: DDMs, array sites, arrays, ranks, and extent pools
  • Exercise 3: Windows Server preparation
Day 3

  • Exercise 4: Windows Server attachment to the DS8000
  • Exercise 5: AIX Server attachment to the DS8000
  • Exercise 6: DS8000 Storage Manager: Arrays, ranks, and extent pools
  • Exercise 7: DS8000 Storage Manager: FB volumes, volume groups, and hosts
  • Exercise 8: DS8000 Storage Manager: Other functions
  • Exercise 9: DS8000 Easy Tier: Dynamic Volume Relocation
  • Exercise 10: DS8000 Easy Tier: Dynamic Extent Pool Merge
Day 4

  • Unit 7: Performance, tuning, and monitoring
  • Unit 8: Business Continuity: Copy Services
  • Unit 9: Summary
  • Exercise 11: DS8000 Storage Manager: Thin provisioning
  • Open lab sessions
Recall the DS8000 models and features
Remember the architecture and hardware associated with the DS8000
Classify the DS8000 virtualization concepts
Summarize the DS8000 DS8000 command-line interface
Summarize the DS8000 graphical user interface
List the Copy Services features
Classify the features associated with performance, tuning, and monitoring
List the steps required to configure the DS8000 for Open Systems environment
Recognize the IBM DS8000 solutions for Business Continuity

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Introduction to Storage - (SS01G)
Planning and Implementation a SAN - (SN71G)
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