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Developing Applications in IBM Datacap V9.1.7


This course provides technical professionals with the skills that are needed to build Datacap applications.

The course begins with an introduction to IBM Datacap. You learn about capture concepts, Datacap process, page identification methods, and architecture. You process batches for Datacap applications in the Datacap clients.

You learn about the design and components of a Datacap application. You build a Datacap application by using Forms Template in Datacap Studio and configure it. You learn how to troubleshoot a Datacap application. You configure a Datacap application to process documents of multiple page types in a single batch. You implement OCR and OMR to extract data from data fields and from multiple choice check boxes. You export data to a text file and also to an IBM FileNet Content Manager repository.

You build page layouts, create virtual page blocks, and extract data from tables and label-value pairs.

Through instructor-led presentations and hands-on lab exercises, you learn about the core features of IBM Datacap.

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Introducing IBM DatacapIntroducing Datacap clients for processing batchesExercise: Processing Datacap batchesIntroducing Datacap Studio and application designBuilding a Datacap application with Forms TemplateExercise: Building a Datacap application with Forms TemplateConfiguring rulesets for a Datacap applicationExercise: Configuring rulesets for a Datacap applicationTroubleshooting a Datacap applicationExercise: Troubleshooting a Datacap applicationBuilding an application to process multiple page typesExercise: Building an application to process multiple page typesConfiguring an application for recognition with OMRExercise: Configuring an application for recognition with OMRExporting data to a FileNet Content Manager repositoryExercise: Exporting data to a FileNet Content Manager repositoryCreating page layoutsExercise: Creating page layoutsCreating a virtual page block and extracting data from tablesExercise: Creating a virtual page block and extracting data from tablesExtracting data from label-value pairsExercise: Extracting data from label-value pairs


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe capture concepts and Datacap
  • Identify the tasks in Datacap process
  • Describe the Datacap recognition methods that are used for scanned images
  • Understand Datacap architecture
  • Process batches in the Datacap clients
  • Identify the application development features in Datacap Studio
  • Describe the Datacap application design concepts
  • Build a Datacap application with Forms Template
  • Configure rulesets for a Datacap application
  • Examine the logs files for debugging
  • Troubleshoot the applications in the Datacap Studio Test tab
  • Build an application for processing multiple page types in a batch
  • Configure an application for recognition with OMR
  • Export data and scanned documents to a FileNet Content Manager repository
  • Configure a Datacap application to create page layouts
  • Create a virtual page block
  • Extract data from tables and label-value pairs

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2.800,00 EUR + IVA per partecipante


  • 32 ore
  • 4 giorni


Familiarity with data capture concepts

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