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IBM MQ V9 System Administration (using Linux for labs)


This course provides technical professionals with the skills that are needed to administer IBM MQ queue managers on distributed operating systems and in the Cloud. In addition to the instructor-led lectures, you participate in hands-on lab exercises that are designed to reinforce lecture content. The lab exercises use IBM MQ V9.0, giving you practical experience with tasks such as handling queue recovery, implementing security, and problem determination.

Note: This course does not cover any of the features of MQ for z/OS or MQ for IBM i.

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Course introductionIBM MQ reviewIBM MQ installation and deployment optionsCreating a queue manager and queuesExercise: Using commands to create a queue manager and queuesIntroduction to IBM MQ ExplorerExercise: Using IBM MQ Explorer to create queue managers and queuesTesting the IBM MQ implementationExercise: Using IBM MQ sample programs to test the configurationImplementing distributed queuingExercise: Connecting queue managersIBM MQ clientsExercise: Connecting an IBM MQ clientImplementing trigger messages and monitorsExercise: Implementing a trigger monitorDiagnosing problemsExercise: Running an IBM MQ traceImplementing basic security in IBM MQExercise: Controlling access to IBM MQBacking up and restoring IBM MQ messages and object definitionsExercise: Using a media image to restore a queueExercise: Backing up and restoring IBM MQ object definitionsIntroduction to queue manager clustersExercise: Implementing a basic clusterMonitoring and configuring IBM MQ for performanceExercise: Monitoring IBM MQ for performanceCourse summary


  • Describe the IBM MQ deployment options
  • Plan for the implementation of IBM MQ on-premises or in the Cloud
  • Use IBM MQ commands and the IBM MQ Explorer to create and manage queue managers, queues, and channels
  • Use the IBM MQ sample programs and utilities to test the IBM MQ network
  • Enable a queue manager to exchange messages with another queue manager
  • Configure client connections to a queue manager
  • Use a trigger message and a trigger monitor to start an application to process messages
  • Implement basic queue manager restart and recovery procedures
  • Use IBM MQ troubleshooting tools to identify the cause of a problem in the IBM MQ network
  • Plan for and implement basic IBM MQ security features
  • Use accounting and statistics messages to monitor the activities of an IBM MQ system
  • Define and administer a simple queue manager cluster

Prezzo di listino

2.800,00 EUR + IVA per partecipante


  • 32 ore
  • 4 giorni


  • Basic knowledge of IBM MQ V9 concepts and features, obtained either through experience or by successfully completing Technical Introduction to IBM MQ (WM103G) or Technical Introduction to IBM MQ (ZM103G)
  • Ability to invoke standard functions within the operating system that is used in the lab exercises
  • Some knowledge of TCP/IP configuration

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